Mission & Values


“By working with Atlantic Canadians to craft resumes that get them interviews, I will help them achieve their career goals and fulfill their potential.”

Daniel Mark Wheaton



I am a professional at what I do and my work will reflect that. Spelling, grammar and writing style will meet the highest standards. I review and edit my work carefully to ensure every T is crossed and every I is dotted.


There is always an element of timeliness to the work I’m asked to do. I will provide realistic timeframes for project completion. I will ensure the client understands what is required of them in order for me to meet those timeframes. I will aim to deliver within the promised timeframe every time.


Resumé writing is about gathering information and presenting that information through organized text. My goal is to accurately tell stories and share information, and to always check with the client when necessary for the sake of clarification and confirmation.


I will recognize the difference between a message that is intended to be broadcast to the world and one that requires discretion. I will protect not only the content of written work but also the identity of clients and the nature of their business.


As a professional resumé writer and certified resumé strategist, I guarantee client satisfaction in all my work.

If a client is not content with the services they received, I will work quickly to resolve the situation to the client’s full satisfaction every time.