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A Candidate Value Proposition is more than just a tag line or headline on your resumé. It is the basis for determining what should and shouldn’t be included in your resumé, and how the information should be presented.

There are three key components to a Candidate Value Proposition.

1. The Employer’s Motivators

  • Generate revenue (increased sales, expanded market share, augment profit)
  • Safe money (enhance efficiency, boost productivity, improve cash flow)
  • Solve a problem (reduce errors, eliminate downtime, increase retention)
  • Support the organization’s mandate (credibility, visibility, recognition)

Ask yourself:

What bottom-line results can the employer expect to see?

How will the employer benefit from filling the job?

2. The Candidate’s Supporting Qualifications

  • Area of expertise (skills, abilities, level, stature)
  • Background (education, experience, credentials, accomplishments)

Ask yourself:

What experience and credentials do you have that meet the employer’s needs?

What skills, abilities and experience do you offer that fit the job?

3. The Candidate’s Added Value

  • Style (personality, individuality, dreams)
  • Exclusivity (unique offerings, special strengths)

Ask yourself:

What special talents can you bring the employer that other applicants may not have?

How can you bring more to the job than expected?

For help determining your Candidate Value Proposition, connect with Daniel Mark Wheaton. As a Certified Resumé Strategist, he’ll help you determine the best way to present your experience, skills and other attributes in our resumé, to maximize your chances at landing an interview for that dream job.

(Based on Chapter 1 of The Canadian Résumé Strategist.)

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me with my resume, Daniel. The confidence you have pulled out of me was completely unexpected and a huge bonus. I was not expecting to have gained so much during this experience in your resume writing process. This has been the best investment I have made.

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